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What I need from you to set up your gallery 8 JPEG images up to 600 pixels wide. Try to achieve the best balance of image quality to file size when you compress your images. A file size of between 30-60K is best. Please give your images a name that makes sense to me so I can easily match the right title and information with the right image. The image title is preferable. If you would like to add personal comments with the images, please identify the comments and which images they accompany in an e-mail message. The best way to get the images to me is to attach them to an e-mail message. If you need help with this just ask. I can also accept images on CD discs or DVD discs and flash drives. (e-mail is best). Your biography or CV. The best way to send this is in an e-mail message. I can read most Microsoft Word formats but I am on Windows and if you send a Mac formatted Word attachment, some of the formatting may be lost. For those of you who do better with pictures, please see the Details page. Professional Photography Resources: If you need to have your artwork photographed, and would like to have this done professionally, we recommend Tom Baker. Tom offers professional quality image photography and can produce small or large format archival, museum quality, digital images up to about 44” wide by almost any length. Call Tom at 404-8344 or send e-mail to tom@tomcbaker.com. Thank you for your interest and participation. Gary W. Priester Webmaster
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