The Best Art in New Mexico is in Placitas
The best art in New Mexico is in Placitas! Placitas is more than just the most beautiful place to live in New Mexico, it is also home to some of the best art and artists in the country. Visit our on-line gallery and we are sure you will agree. We are not a commercial site and none of the art featured on this site can be purchased here. Our mission is to showcase the art and artists of the Placitas area. We offer free gallery space to all artists in the Placitas community. If you are an artist and a Placitas community resident, click here for more information. This site is made possible by the generous contribution of our community sponsors and patrons of the arts. If you would like to be a sponsor, click here.
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Christiane Couvert
Michael Arbitelli
Karen Jacobs
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Allen Bourne
Tricia George
Lisa Avila
Tom Wise
Cynthia Young
Mary Brown
Marcia Rackstraw
Colleen Zacharias Gregoire
Dave Newman